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House of Gord
The 'Mayflower' of modern day ultra-bondage, this leviathan of the fetish world began its early days in good old fashioned print producing the now legendary 'Sandra' novels and introducing Benson, Vickers, Orion, Sadie and Gord himself to the wider world - there was even a magazines!
The website is the an extension of the Gord ethos: Quality, imagination and style. Frequently (weekly) updated with ingenious bondage photo-galleries..

Groups - Yahoo & MSN

"..the purpose of this club is for real life dogslaves and real life owners the opportunity to meet and discuss what they seek."
Girls Carry Guys
What a wonderfully weird world we live in! Over 2500 of you joined this group to see girls givin 'piggy-backs' to men. Kind of where we're coming from - I think?! Giddey up!!
Girls On All Fours
Mainstream but still tasty to see pedigree PetGirls assuming their rightful position.
PetGirls & Object Girls
The biggest and best of the PetGirls groups with over 5000 members although the influx of new pics is very slow.
A few PetGirl related pics - notably a couple of Ashley Renee and the 'DogWomen' folder, but mostly a desperate 'wishlist' of off-subject mainstream bondage copyright infringements.
PonyGirls 2
Exactly what is says on the tin! Not many images though, 'Alans PoneyGirl' (hey, HE spelt it like that!) folder being the best of the litter.
Toms Milky Farm
Dairy based damsels, cowgirls and human heffers all feature in this group.
Zweibeinige Huendinnen - Two Legged Dog
The best of the PuppyGirl only groups but be warned - wanders off the lead at times into watersports and bestiality - pretty woof at the edges!

This is just a small sample from the growing HANDPICKED archive of pedigree petgirl link listings for Freesites, Paysites, Newsgroups, Yahoo and MSN groups inside the members area.

All links are active inside the members area!


Fink & Website Sample Reviews:

Japanese 'woman-dog' training website. Curious and confusing translation on the English side but I bet the Jap side makes sense.
Bettie Ballhaus
This Teutonic Tit-frau fronts a fresh looking simple website with well photographed big boobs softcore. There are numerous 'guest' models including Nadine Jansen, a model who may just overshadow Bettie in the future, if not just with her considerably bigger udders. A PetGirls 'Cow-Frau' in waiting?...maybe!
Japanese Puppy Slavegirls
Exactly what is says on the tin but I've seen most of the preview pics for free!
'Nawashi..what!? Never mind, you'll find out when you visit this purty Japanese RopeWork site. You'll also find out what PetGirls do on their days out the cage!
Pet & Owners
German site.
Real Doll
Hey, you..'nobby-no-mates', no girlfriend? Fear not, check out the ultimate bed mate! The downside? These ladies ain't going to iron your pants for you!
The ultimate 'girl next door' babe. Forgetting the obvious one sided content - blowjobs, blowjobs and more blowjobs, 'wifey' herself exudes an intense sexuality bourne of her accessible looks and voluptuous silicon-free breasts.
Those of us with inclinations towards dairy farming would be happy to just sit quietly in front of those lightly veined puppies and, what has to be one of the best set of nipples in the webworld.
Yoshinaga's Artwork
Stylised Japanese illustrator exploring various PetGirls themes. Free site.


Hey guys (and Gals)..what's happened to NewsGroups? A few years back I was never out of 'alt-world'. A few years later and its generally the same old stuff in there except with considerably more SPAM.
still the best place to fish for leashed and bridled lovelies.
Some weird Japanese shit in here. Mostly CreatureGirls, creepy SailorMoon stuff but the occasional PetGirl cutie.


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