This ultra rough-sex website is from the same outfit that puts out the MIDNIGHTPROWL.COM website so most of the 'whores' are the same.

But, what isn't the same is the action!
At MEATHOLES the same whores, who must be either really dumb or totally desperate are first slapped, spat on, spanked, choked into pathetic submission.

Once they are suitably beaten into submission (some of these girls look genuinely shocked by the severity of their abuse) the humiliation moves up a gear - they are made to confess to being a 'whore', a 'slab of meat'.

Then, they are impaled on the big cocks of some of the ugliest looking blokes you'll see online, skull fucked, fucked up the ass and cunt, made to lick out assholes and swallow all the cum fed to them.
As a final lesson some of the whores are hauled into a toilet and treated to a mouthful of hot piss!
MEATHOLES does not compromise and is not for the 'sensitive'. Its brutal and the dumb sluts who submit themselves to the MEATHOLES treatment really, I mean really earn their 'chump change'!