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Lookit..a herd of dirty daughters tamed and trained to behave..petgirls Chloe, Cherry and Lauren..

60 mins of animalising obedience training from the prince of perversion Simon Benson 


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"Imagine my surprise when, the other day I walked into our laundry closet and found my husband Bill wanking into a dirty sock! I had no idea how Miley Cyrus crept past our security detail.
Well imagine my surprise when I went to report this security failing, only to find the head agent in charge of security hunched over his laptop spanking one out to the popular woman animalising website

It just wasn't going to my day, so I admitted defeat, went back to my office and sat on a cantaloupe and ate a whole box of Hot Tamales. "


"Trying to hide my porn stash from Missus Sharon is a blummin' nightmare, but luckily with I can view it both secretly and blatantly on my new iPhone10 I pinched from the Mossad office supplies cupboard. Now I can watch, whilst making a monetary deposit at the West Bank, chillaxin' at the Gaza Strip Club and even during the boring bits of holy Sabbath!"

A. Sharon

"I cannot frikkin believe it OMG, I just got voted the most hated per-sin in the hole world. I'm above Hickler! OMG, LOL. I win. Nuthin to do with my daily bunch to, but still I 143 but I'm so 2BZ4UQT xoxoxoxoxoxo"

J. Bieber



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  FEATURE GALLERY - Yuka - Cage Training - 17.12.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Beth - Yap Training - 17.12.16
  FEATURE GALLERY - Beth - Yap Training - 10.12.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Kim - Pet School - 08.12.16
  FEATURE GALLERY - Kim - Pet School -07.12.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Tigerr - Muzzled - 06.12.16
  FEATURE GALLERY - Tigerr - Muzzled - 26.11.16
  LETTERS - Updated - 21.11.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Kim - Yap Training - 19.11.16
  FEATURE GALLERY - Kim - Yap Train - 11.11.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Kissing Pets - 13.11.16
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  PET TALES - Mother Debt - Chapter 3- 09.11.16
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  FEATURE GALLERY - Estella - Feed - 05.11.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Kim - Fetch - 02.11.16
  FEATURE GALLERY - Kim - Fetch - 02.11.16
  FEATURE GALLERY - Katie - Mouth Fetch - 22.10.16
  PET TALES - Mother Debt - Chapter 2 - 22.10.16
  BENSONZOO - New Benson Artwork - 22.10.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Katie - Mouth Fetch - 22.10.16
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  BENSONZOO - New Benson Artwork - 17.10.16
  FEATURE GALLERY - Estella - Cock Pig - 17.10.16
  MOVIE THEATER - Estella - Cock Pig - 17.10.16
  PET TALES - Dog Day Weekend - Ben - 13.10.16
  BENSONZOO - New Artwork - Dr Benway - 13.10.16



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TigeRR Benson
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Cherry Benson
Tiffany Doll
Adrianna Nicole
Nina Hartley®
Summer Cummings
Alexis May
Donna Ambrose
Sinnamon Love
Charmaine Sinclair
Shay Hendrix..

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