PetGirl Lucky BREED: MILF AGE: 37 CHARACTER: Trophy Wife

Old bitches like Lucky are easy to train. As a cunt gets older and her good looks begin to fade she begins to crave attention and will practically do anything to get it.

Pub toilet blowjobs, taking it up the arse, crawling around like a dumb dog, barking, licking, panting - this whore will do anything to please.


PetGirl Shugah BREED: Cash Ho AGE: 27 CHARACTER: Lap Dancer

There's something comforting about Shugah's vacant expression. The lights are on but nobody's home.

If only all bitches were as well trained as pedigree whore Shugah - willing to suck bone, willing to have her udders pumped with silicon to earn her boyfriend more beer money. This bitch is a prize heifer!


PetGirl Queeny BREED: American Student AGE: 26 CHARACTER: Prom Queen

Intelligence and greed happily share a bed and here's the proof. Studying for a Masters degree doesn't mean the bitch don't have top crawl around naked at my feet while I yank her leash, feed her from a dog's bowl then cage her in the corner of the room.

I hope my daddy doesn't see this - she whined. He's probably all out of tissues and hand cream by now!

claudia ebony goddexxx

PetGirl Pepsi BREED: Dog Meat AGE: 28 CHARACTER: Desperate

Some bitches were just born to stiffen bone and ebony dogmeat is one such breed of slut. Lacking any sense of feminine warmth or natural charm, this thimble brained cum dump has opted for the simple crowd pleaser that is the bolt on rack.

Now I love the sight of a humiliatingly bad boob job as much as the next guy but I'm still not gonna let this hood rat dig under the fence and avoid some premium dog training - starting with some goood ole dignity stripping bone polishing!

loz lorrimar

PetGirl Banga BREED: Porn Dog AGE: 21 CHARACTER: Pedigree slut

Anyone who's been to Wales in the UK will tell you it's auite literally a slag heap. Famous for cave dwelling trolls called miners and alco-pop guzzling slappers, this miserable place is where petgirl Banga was birthed.

Desperate for cash this pedigree bimbo has climbed the ladder down into the slime pool that is porn where, she is purrfectly at home. Watch this fat bitch beg for crumbs!


PetGirl Fanci BREED: Toy AGE: 25 CHARACTER: Bimbo

Petgirl Fanci is from Romania where the usual mode of transport is a caravan pulled by a goat. I am informed that Fanci's folks were so poor that she herself had to pull the family caravan like the bovine herd pleaser she is.

Luckily, Fanci has learned that she can sell her flesh to noble perverts like me and can afford to send home pennies to feed her seventeen brothers and sisters. This bitch knows how to serve the man with coin.


PetGirl Rascal BREED: BIMBO AGE: 22 CHARACTER: AirHead

Once I'd gotten the dumb bitch stripped naked I took her to the kitchen for a drink and a bite to eat.
Cash greedy little tramps like Rascal have a relatively easy life teasing the camera and flashing their tits for considerably more money than someone important gets paid!
She probably thought a visit to Petgirls was easy money too. But it's quite obviously payback time for the spoilt little airhead.


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