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Here at there is nothing we take more seriously than the welfare of our PetModels!
Safety, security and hygiene are never far from our minds when we are working with our scumptious animalised angels.
Whilst some of our Pets have the admirable capacity to both physically and mentally endure a very explicit type of exposure, we are aware that all of our models have very different limitations. We always respect our models personal limitations and never coerce, bribe or beg our models to do something that they are not 100% at ease with.
We are fully aware of the poor reputation that our industry suffers from but we at are committed to raising the standards in any way we can and would strongly advise others within our industry to do the same.

Mmmm!!???..collared cunt, or pampered pet? BOTH!!!

The office is weighted very much in the favor of the ladies and almost without fail, each parcel of PetGirls content runs the gamet of female appraisal. In this respect we like to think that our content is grounded within an arena of shared erotiscm surrounding the micro-fetish of animalised women which is mutually beneficial in sexual role-play terms to both men AND women.
We are trying very hard to create a website which pushes the boundries of the fetish world and yet remains true to a spirit of fantasy, escapism and perverted playfulness.
We promise to make every effort to ensure remains outside anything that is mean-spirited, corrupting and hurtful.
RACIAL CONTENT & RACE PLAY AT PETGIRLS.COM The mission of is to facilitate the exploration of both new fetish themes and to investigate established themes from a different perspective.
Given the nature of our content we feel it would be both hypocritical and non-sensical to allow our members the freedom to savour the erotic humiliation of white women but censor those freedoms when it comes to women of an ethnic background.
Censorship of content according to ethnicity would set an unworkable precedent - for instance, if a black, brown or asian person writes in and objects to the using of white women are we to remove that content too?
Associating 'race' with eroticism is a fact of life - you only have to switch on your television set and watch a few adverts or a few music videos - it's there for all to see. it what you like, IS sexy, IS erotic for the very same reasons it is repulsive to those who are bigoted.
The way I see it you either love or hate black people because they are black.
So, let's not be unequivocal here - LOVES black women, brown women, dusky women, women with slanted eyes, women with big noses, fat women, vertically challenged women, women from venus!!!! And, whilst we fully understand that under the skin we are all the same - our cameras will only capture the surface (skin) of our models and that is what we use to bring excitement to our images.
Personally, I find black women (yes...BLACK women, not brown, or coffee colored, but dark, dark black women!!) sexy BECAUSE they are black. Does that make me racist? I'm not convinced it does. But what I do know is that if I said I liked black women because they're funny and intelligent I'd be a patronising hypocrite!
Whilst I fully understand that in the US, the image of a black woman in chains is a charged image (taboo) because of historical references to the very real slave trade, by the same token do we remove all images of white women because they might refer to the holocaust or the equally very real white slave trade that is rife in Eastern Europe today?
The best answer I can come up is to remind ALL members that this is a fantasy website! We do not seek to promote any idealogical, religious or political message but, if we did seek to do so it would be a plea for more tolerance of our individuality, for more respect of one another, and for more compassion in our daily lives.
We also took great care in the case of the infinitely gorgeous Sinnamon Love to create content involving her that caused no personal offence - we even solicited her opinion and were more than ready to pull any content that did not meet with her approval.
Her response was that none of the 'race based' content caused her offence and in fact 'race play' was already a facet of her own personal life.
So, is Sinnamon racist? Quite clearly not.
It is my view that 'Race Play' should not be the sole dominion of us ethnics, it should be open to all races to explore, after all, if we shut all the WASPs out of PetGirls that would be racist, wouldn't it?
On a final note, it is gratifying to see that our members, regardless of their private 'appetites' are not ready to relinquish their moral responsibilities within the 'real world'. I know from experience that is so easy to abandon one's opinions, wrongfully believing that moral standards might be deemed hypocrisy.
But come on guys, let's not be too hard on ourselves - what you do in reality is far more important than what you do in fantasy! is never going to PC or 100% palatable to 100% of members all of the time, but please believe that sentiments behind the themes we are dealing with here are a world away from the appalling tripe the far right and your local rednecks are preaching - we are attempting to explore many aspects of erotic humiliation, domination and submission, which in this case involves bondage and subjugation - nothing more nothing less!
Lastly, and most importantly, if anything during your visit to the world of PetGirls has caused offence, don't sit on the fence - write in an tell us! Your views and your opinions count!

"We do hope you will share a journey with us to a new and refreshing place within the adult industry."


All Our Responsibilty:
As business people within the erotic industry we SHOULD accept responsibility to clean up our own doorstep! You can help by reporting Child Pornography wherever you see it! For our children's sake, let's keep the 'Adult Industry' strictly for adults!

By joining PetGirls you have helped to push forward the standards of adult entertainment!