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petgirls DVD HER LIFE AS A PET#15

Lookit..a herd of dirty daughters tamed and trained to behave..petgirls Chloe, Cherry and Lauren..

60 mins of animalising obedience training from the prince of perversion Simon Benson 


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"So refreshing to see a global pandemic overshadowing my own dubious activity. Now I can just lay low, renew my subscription and wrist my way a through a box tissues until everything dies down. Or we all die. Which ever comes first. But I bet I cum first guffaw!!"

R. Andy, England "Imagine my surprise when I was in the hair salon getting my eyebrows bleached when who should walk in but petgirls supermodel beth Bennett. Thank the gods I was wearing a fresh triple ply man nappy otherwise another trip to the chinese laundry and another dollar into Chairman Mao's war chest!"

Donald from Washington, USA

"As a new ex-pat in a foreign country I take comfort in all things Brit. I am a Brit. So I search for English beer, flabby pastry, overweight women in gym pants and anything with the Queen on it. Fortunately I don't have to search far for my favorite British export -"

Harry from London, England

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Italian cross breed bimbo Morgan starts her petgirl training..


Members Request. Cherry performs her mascot duties..


We've spared no expense in hunting down pedigree sluts to be leashed and collared for our members' pleasure!
Tigerr Benson
Honour Mae
Cherry English
Beth Bennett
Brittany Bardot
Katie Thornton
Brook Logan
Odette Delacroix
Bonnie Bellotti
Michelle Monaghan
Brookie Little
Kerry Marie
Jewell Marceau
Chessie Kay
Chloe Toy
Cherry Benson
Tiffany Doll
Adrianna Nicole
Nina Hartley®
Summer Cummings
Alexis May
Donna Ambrose
Sinnamon Love
Charmaine Sinclair
Tasha Holz..

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