petgirl vicky powell

PetGirl Vicky Powell BREED: Bimbo AGE: 32 CHARACTER: MILF

Beachball breasted Vicky Powell might be a failed pornstar but she's a pedigree bimbo and therefore qualifies on both counts for petgirl training. By the time we've finished with this thimble-headed slut she's eating out of our hand..well, dog bowl actually!

petgirl michelle monaghan

PetGirl Kerry Marie BREED: Cow AGE: 30 CHARACTER: MILF

Unlike most bitches it is virtually impossible for dopey diva Kerry Marie to hide her animal nature. With udders bigger than my head the milk heavy cunt spends every waking day as a human cow.

Docile in nature and fully obedient Kerry Marie gets no special treatment during her petgirl training - dignity stripped to the extreme!

petgirl danica donna collins

PetGirl Danica Collins BREED: Cow AGE: 45 CHARACTER: MILF

Petgirl Lucky aka Donna Ambrose aka Danica Collins reluctantly returns to petgirl training for some much needed dignity stripping on the end of a dog leash.

The stuck up bitch is made to shake her massive milk bags exclusively for our perverted enjoyment.

petgirl charmaine sinclair

PetGirl Charmaine BREED: Cow AGE: 39 CHARACTER: MILF

UK MILF Mistress Charmaine Sinclair and old school pornstar starts her petgirl initiation with an interview, intelligence test and basic pet poses.

The result is the same - dignity stripping, humiliation and much swallowing of pride.

leashed petgirl dolita

PetGirl Dolita BREED: Teen AGE: 19 CHARACTER: Teen Goth Slut

The beautiful lush green valleys of Wales have a well deserved reputation for producing small brained pram donkeys some of which are lucky enough to be herded into the UK porn industry.

Teen cock-socket Dolita is one such Welsh pedigree. Mindful that Wales is a third world country we feed her up with dog meat before sending her back to her quaint village of inbreeds.

petgirl ichigo

PetGirl Ichigo BREED: Cow AGE: 20 CHARACTER: Topheavy Bimbo

Just what it says on the tin. Soft brain and even softer udders this milkbag hung fuckhole takes a beasting!
Choke collar control and meat stamping, this bitch does what she's told. Good girl.

petgirl Rachel Travers

PetGirl Rachel BREED: MILF AGE: 34 CHARACTER: Glamour Model

Big tits, big attitude, this big MILF needed severe animal training to bring out the best in her. Witness a glamour model put in her place with carefully calculated humiliation techniques!

leashed blonde slut


Like most immigrants from Eastern Europe this skanky wannabe model is both retarded and greedy, an ugly combination in any woman. Hence the immediate need for animal training. Locked in a dog cage, crawled to a dog bowl to drink - this cunt learns some long needed humility!

leashed slave MILF

PetGirl Gucci BREED: MILF AGE: 37 CHARACTER: Desperate HouseWife

I renamed this bitch with a sense of irony as this gambling soccer mom has as much class as a turd on a stick.

Quite literally trained to beg for extra cash to feed her slot machine habit, petgirl Gucci knows her place - at my feet, licking my gucci loafers with her stupid mouth.

jewell marceau

PetGirl Jewell Marceau BREED: Bimbo AGE: 35 CHARACTER: MILF

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks - approximately twenty minutes of leashed deep-throating, sucking, licking and swallowing of rubber cock is enough time to destroy any proud bitches sense of self-importance.

Sit back and enjoy a fake titted fetish model earning chump change the hard way and selling her dignity at the same time.


PetGirl Dollar BREED: Toy AGE: 19 CHARACTER: Slut

Like most young girls today, teen petgirl Dollar isnt too bright but it didn't take her long to realise that she could earn what she makes in a week in just one day by displaying her firm dog meat to my camera lenses.

Witness another cash hungry cunt being trained to spread her breed holes while she's on the end of a dog leash. Daddy would be proud!


PetGirl Bonnie BREED: Bimbo AGE: 26 CHARACTER: Escort

It's a scientific fact that the bigger the udders the smaller the brain and this Scottish whore proves it by submitting to dog leashed degradation and dignity stripping humiliation.

Petgirl Bonnie's obviously had the pride fucked out of her well before I collared her but I still enjoyed crawling her nekkid ass around anyway.


PetGirl Tigerr BREED: Fuck Toy AGE: 21 CHARACTER: Former Bar Girl

Sausage munching philosopher Nietzsche said morality is the instinct of the herd animal - well he didn't meet this thoroughbred whore! Petgirl Tigerr has the morals of an alleycat and an appetite for bone to match.

Tigerr is a 24/7 petgirl, trained to please cock with each of her well used holes, which is why she's the official Petgirls Mascot!


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