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Stuck up bitch Dani makes things worse for herself. I've made it my new hobby to find ways of humiliating this aged meat each time it holds out it's greedy paw for cash..
#MILF breed #messy
What have you missed? What have you been doing? Was it worth it?

Xena - DTF

#cow breed #doortofloor

Hurrah! Our very first Greek breed bitch. Onto the floor she goes complete with dog collar to start animal training. Look at the quality of that slow roast lamb fattened rump..


Prada - Mouth Catch

#bimbo breed #mouthcatch

Beautiful dimwit Prada is a pedigree Bimbo breed and therefore finds it a breeze to catch cheap candy in her inflated yap..

louise lee

Louise Lee - Poodle

#bimbo breed #poodle #manhandled

Bimbo breed petgirl Louise Lee is treated with some brain melting Poodle training and rewarded with a bowl of dicks..


Prada - DTF

#toy breed #beasting #

Bimbo breed Prada is clearly a pedigree petgirl but she still goes from the door to the floor (DTF) and ends up dog leashed..


Cherry - Beasting

#toy breed #beasting #

MILF Dani gets her revenge on bratty petgirl Cherry English keeping her at her feet like a beast....


Dummi - Pig Market

#pig breed #bondage

Newly re-classified pig breed Dummi is made to show her meat for the market...


Dani - Dog Feed

#MILF breed #feed #toy breed

MILF breed Petgirl Dani is back on the dog leash held by mascot Cherry English..this time to be hand fed dog food..


Rara - Walkies

#MILF breed #leash #outdoor

Outside in the English countryside, MILF breed petgirl Rara is lead on a dog leash to some outdoor training..

jasmine de launey

Jasmine - Pet Hypnotist

#MILF breed #hypotist

MEMBERS REQUEST. Frigid MILF breed Jasmine has an aversion to bone and so she pays a visit to the Pet Hypnotist and has her attitude adjusted..

ashley jaymes

Ashley Jaymes Yap

#MILF breed #yapstuff

Bimbo breed Ashley Jaymes looks sweet and pretty, but reveals that her bark is way worse than her bite with a filthy gutter mouth..

tigerr benson and Danica, Donna Ambrose

Bossy Bitch

#two pets #dog leash

Big uddered MILF Danica (Donna Ambrose) has poor little pet slave Tigerr Benson on the end of a dog leash..

petgirl cherry english in the dog cage

Cherry Caged

#toy Breed #dog cage

Cage Training is just what pretty little pet Cherry English deserves. The Toy Breed pet sucks and licks bone..

petgirls tigerr benson and jewell marceau collared and leashed

Two Pets Leashed

#dog leash #two pets

Two pets are better than one. Tigerr Benson and Jewell Marceau reduced to two pairs of fake udders crawling mindlessly on the dog leash..

submissive louise lee in a dog cage

Louise Lee Caged

#bimbo breed #dog cage #muzzle

Professional slut Louise Lee is in the dog cage, naked, her fake udders on display and has her filthy yap probed..

louise lu leashed like a dog

Dog Leashed Louise

#toy breed #dog leash

Docile asian pet Wan chan (Louise Lu) is stripped to her underwear, collared and trained to crawl on the dog leash..

beth bennett and cherry english crawled on dog leashes

Cherry & Beth

#dog leash #two pets

A Toy and a Bimbo breed, Cherry English and Beth Bennett are made to crawl mindlessly on the dog leash like the dumb bitches they are..

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Peter Putin, Luhansk
"My turnip crop and prize winning goat was ruined this year by those bastard missiles innit. So what else I do but sit indoors in me adidas tracksuit and slippers and play the Call of Duty until it all over and we can carry on. What is the katsap?"
D.Trump, Florida
"Imagine my horror when I woke to find I was not the most powerful man in the whole wide world. It was not a bad dream it's true. I rolled over on to Imalia and as usual received a cheeky finger up my pie hole. Not enough! So I had to resubscribe to just to get a little stiffy."
Herbert Markle, LA
"With a lot of spare time on my hands I was wondering what I could do with my time. I have lots of ace toys - my hobby horse, playstation, jigsaws and a real life Megan. But Little Harry will really stand to attention whenever I go online to my favourite internet show -"
Megan Kardashian, NJ
"Imagine my horror when I found my popular TV show had been cancelled and I was going to have to live a private undocumented life once more. I simply cannot poo without a camera filming it. I'm utterly devastated beyond all belief. Petgirls? What's that? Are there cameras involved?"

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