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Frequently Asked Questions:

Isn't PetGirls derogatory towards women? What's degrading about being treated like a pet? We love our pets!!?
The important thing to realise is that what you see at PetGirls is a fetish fantasy. We are not advocating that women in the real world be turned into household pets. Who would do the shopping and the cleaning?
But seriously, all our models are paid for their time, treated with respect and fed cakes and tea during their time with us. If only I could get paid for being nekkid...dream on, no-one's gonna pay to see my hairy arse!

Where did you get the idea? The original concept for PetGirls has been around for ten years and was originally inspired by the ultra-bizarre books of Benson & Gord but its taken this long to realise this rather niche fantasy.
Although, I have to say this is not a totally new fetish phenomena. I know the Japanese have been quite keen on animalisation role play for a few years.

Where do you get your models? Our PetGirl models come from all over the world! We've trained pets in Japan, Canada, USA, Holland, Belgium and the UK. Some are semi-professional models and some are 'scene players' who are into the whole submissive side of fetish fantasy.
Most are wholesome local girls, a few submit their details online and others are recruited at Adult Conferences and Exhibitions.

Are there any plans to have Male Pets? No, not just yet but we're not ultimately against the idea.

What's it like to be a low-life pornographer? Mmm..that's a hard one! I guess it's a lot better than being a respectable businessman who invests in companies that supply third world dictators with guns paid for with money that should have been used to feed hungry babies and education.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please feel free to contact us at

The Philosophy:

One of the challenges of creating a new website that puts a face on a little-known fetish is describing what it is in a way that makes sense to a person who isn't already intimately involved with the fetish. We don't aspire to convert anyone to our way of thinking, but in the spirit of promoting tolerance, we feel a few words about why we engage in this style of artistic pursuit is in order. Essentially, this is the Petgirls Philosophy.

The concept of humans role-playing animals is certainly not new. But so far the only aspect of this particular fetish that has received much attention is pony play, in which men and women pretend to be ponies. With, we seek to bring the entire genre of human animalization into the greater culture of BDSM.

Humans ritualize sex. We always have, and probably always will. We look to sex not only for fun and procreation, but also to express aspects of ourselves that aren't otherwise allowed to be expressed. A visiting mistress recently allowed me to convert her into a puppygirl. The highlight of our little "scene" was when she rolled over onto her back to get her belly rubbed, and exclaimed excitedly to me, "You are SO seeing my soul right now!" What would her submissives say if they saw their favorite authority figure rolling around on the floor with her tongue hanging out! We did take photos that day, but only for our private enjoyment. Every good Dominant knows it's important not to upset the submissives! Which begs the question, who is really in control here? I cannot deny that my real life feline friends have me wrapped around their little paws. Amazing really, that something so small can yield such a huge amount of control over a human simply by being cute, cuddly, and in need of care and feeding. And so it is with human pets and their human pet "owners." Petgirls deserve to be spoiled and pampered. And so they will be! Just as it brings humans pleasure to spoil our animal pets and pamper them silly, it also brings both the petgirl and the pet owner pleasure to engage in this dynamic of deep, intimate care and personal attention.

At the heart of the animalization fetish is a chance to completely abandon one's regular life and simply play. Being transformed from a human to a pet is a complete departure from normal existence and a chance to forget about the daily burdens of real life. But most of all, it's a lot of fun. Sadly, adults don't often get to "play" and yet our sexual expression is one area that remains private enough and recreational enough (if we're lucky) to allow for just that: a bit of well-earned playtime and a chance to partake in something enjoyable simply because it feels good. Therein lies the allure of role-playing the part of a pet. Pets don't pay bills, cook dinner, register to vote, or drive cars. Pets pay no taxes! The life of a pet is considerably more simple than that of a human.

Since real life animals fall into three basic categories, pets, workers and wild beasts, you will find pampered pets, harnessed workers and enslaved wild beast girls on this website. It may seem humiliating to some to turn a woman into a milking cow, but how sweet the milk is! Because, you see, the women do this of their own free will. In fact, we often write specific shoots with a specific model in mind, and always allow the petgirl to read the storyboard before we set up the lights and cameras. All petgirls are free to decline any particular scene that doesn't feel right to them, without prejudice. Since this is about fun, we strive to make it fun for all involved and not just us!

Those already familiar with role-playing know that this particular style of sexual expression can be quite profound as no human interaction is ever truly without a power differential. We know that the cute, cuddly animals in real life generally have the upper hand. But what about the more difficult animals, those at the zoo, in the wild, being hunted, or being manipulated at the hands of humans for our own use (milk production, a side of bacon, an exotic Chinese meal)? As we seek to represent what exists all around us all the time in a manner that we find deeply erotic, you will see things that may appear to involve humiliation or degradation. Bear in mind, a real life Peking Duck doesn't get a second chance. There's no return to the real world for them! Isn't it interesting, then, that humans who regularly eat meat--often meat raised in less than hospitable environments--may complain about real live humans pretending to be pets when in reality, the real pets are the ones who need liberating! Those of us enjoying life at the top of the food chain are doing just fine, thank you. We may act strangely at times (something your house pet might heartily agree with if they could), but we still enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom and an unprecedented ability to choose our own pursuits.

Please enjoy our petgirls, and treat them kindly with the respect they deserve. We are fortunate to find so many beautiful women who relish the thought of playing pets for your enjoyment. We feel honored to share our petgirls with you, and we hope you appreciate the end result.

Lady Serena, M.H.S. Certified Erotologist and Certified Sexologist


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Still Worried About Our Content?
Read our Code of Ethics which relates to the way we try our hardest to be responsible within the framework of our fetish needs and the way in which we treat our models and other delicate subjects.

Ten Reasons why PetGirls are a Good Thing!
1. PetGirls don't poo in public places.
2. Time spent leering at the PetGirls website could be time spent outside - which as we know from the news is fraught with danger.
3. Top boffins have proven that pet fondling reduces stress - stroking pussy is now medically approved!
4. Just one PetGirls subscription will keep a PetGirl model in nail varnish for at least a week - charity is good for the soul!
5. Unlike other adult oriented website we include healthy eating recipes in our content...yeah, lost for words ain't yer Heffner!?
6. Positive affirmation of another person's beauty and desirability, no matter how sleazy or creepy can be a good thing!
7. Money spent on a PetGirls subscription will probably have found its way into the coffers of one of the major world corporations who keep little Chinese kids in basements making clothes for G*P.
8. PetGirls can duck out to the store when you run out of beer!
9. A normal pet only lives for 14 can stay with your 'pet' forever (aw...nice!)
10. Converting your old nag into a pretty ponygirl will allow you to enjoy the old saying: 'silence is golden'!